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Carpet Cleaning Notting Hill W11

Carpet Cleaning Notting HillIn case you need professional and reliable carpet cleaning, you can count on the services of John’s Cleaning. We are one of the best professional cleaning companies in Notting Hill and take pride in collaborating with recognized local cleaners who specialise in the cleaning business. If you want to receive high quality carpet cleaning, provided in Notting Hill W11, contact our comprehensive cleaners who will deal with every cleaning task in a professional manner.

Regardless of the day, we are ready to respond to your quests and to come up with the best offers for carpet cleaning. We are organized, disciplined and hard working and we will give our best to clean the carpets in a perfect way.

“My carpets were cleaned in a perfect way and all the stains disappeared. Now the whole atmosphere is changed and I am very pleased that I chose you.” – Sam

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Carpet Cleaning in Notting Hill from John’s Cleaning

What the company has prepared for its revered customers is:

  • Ideal steam cleaning
  • Elimination of stains and nasty smells
  • Second to none cleaning equipment
  • Modern cleaning approaches
  • Experienced and reliable carpet technicians
  • Great schedules
  • Affordable rates and excellent offers
  • Additional information by the customer support centres
  • Easy booking
Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Notting Hill
Landing Carpet from £4
Bedroom Carpet from £23
Livingroom Carpet from £25
Sofa – Two Seat from £30
Upholstered Armchair from £18
Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning services £55.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Notting Hill W11

Carpet Cleaning W11Our carpet cleaning is done according to all the standards by recognized carpet technicians who can manage with a wide range of cleaning tasks that will restore the nice look of the carpets. You can book our carpet cleaning in Notting Hill W11 and we will offer you very convenient working schedules that include the weekends. We assure you that we can clean all types of carpets, no matter of their materials and condition.

Our carpet technicians will certainly take into account the preferences of the customers and will apply the best approaches when it comes to full carpet cleaning.

Restore the beautiful looks and condition of your carpets

Why Choose John’s Cleaning?

  • Professional Cleaning Staff – all members of our team are experienced professional local cleaners that specialise in the type of cleaning they perform.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions – The products used throughout our cleaning services are non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and completely safe for human health.
  • High quality, professional equipment – Our professionals will use some of the best cleaning products and tools available on the market.
  • Guaranteed quality – We offer 100% guarantee for the high quality of our cleaning services.

Rug Cleaners W11

We will apply great cleaning technologies that include steam cleaning and dry cleaning as well as other useful procedures like removing nasty smells and old stains.

Our professionally done rug cleaning is available in Notting Hill W11 7 days per week and we will provide very affordable rates and second to none offers. Should you need any further questions, feel free to use the customer support centres where our cheerful staff will respond to all of the questions that concern the carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning: How important it really is for the home

Carpets are beautiful but quickly collect dust, bacteria and allergens. These accumulate with time and may start causing serious health issues such as asthma, skin conditions, breathing problems and others. You should do two things in order to maintain these at bay – the first one is vacuum clean the entire carpet once a week. However, for the proper removal of these allergens, you should schedule professional deep cleaning of your carpets on a regular basis as well.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Preliminary inspection – Our cleaning professionals will carefully inspect your carpet and take notes of the materials and fabric. That way, they will be able to select the best cleaning method.
  • Stain Testing – Any large or stubborn stains will be identified and the cleaning solutions that will remove them efficiently are selected.
  • Vacuum cleaning – The entire surface of the carpet will be carefully vacuum cleaned with all dust and grime will be removed.
  • Stain treatment – The stains will be treated with the special product that will help dissolve them.
  • Deep cleaning – Depending on the type of cleaning method that will be used, the cleaner will deep clean the carpet. A professional machine will be used for the hot water extraction method – it will apply hot water to the fabric, then extract it with all the dirt and grime. If dry cleaning is to be used, the product will be sprinkled on the carpet, letf to sit, then vacuum cleaned.
  • Deodorising – The cleaners will remove any stubborn odours and deodorise the surface leaving it fresh.
  • Protection – A special cleaning product will be applied to the carpet and will protect its fibres from stains and wear damage.
  • Fibre care – The carpet will be groomed and its fibres will be restored. Its texture will improve and it will look clean and beautiful.
  • Moisture extraction – If hot water extraction has been used, we will extract most of the moisture in order to speed up the drying process.
  • Final inspection – At the end of the cleaning service, you will have to perform a final inspection and approve the job we provided.


What type of Carpets do you clean?

We offer deep cleaning for all types of materials, including wool, cotton, synthetic, velvet, polyester, acrylic and mixed fibres.

How often do I need to deep clean my carpet?

Usually, once a year is sufficient for a clean carpet. However, the frequency may differ based on factors such as foot traffic, kids, pets, or a dusty living area.

Are the cleaning products safe?

Yes, the cleaning solutions we use do not contain any toxic chemicals and are completely safe for children and pets.