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John’s Cleaning Services

John's Cleaning ServicesMany people need help with cleaning but they don’t know whom to turn to. There is no need to wonder which company to hire, just come to John’s Cleaning Services and we will help you out. We are a local cleaning agency and provide low-cost, high-quality and professional cleaning services in Notting Hill W11.

We have a wide range of local cleaning services to help you with, such as after-builders cleaning, domestic cleaning, oven cleaning and much more. You can use our company and enjoy a cleaner home every day. We can be contacted 24/7. Give us a ring.

“I’m going to keep using your amazing domestic cleaning service. Your maids do a wonderful job and my home looks so much better now that I’m using your services. I appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch for everything.” – Elizabeth

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Domestic Cleaning Services Notting Hill
Regular Cleaning£20/h
One Off Cleaning £22/h
Bathroom Cleaning £21/h
Spring Cleaning £22/h
Kitchen Cleaning £22/h
After Builders Cleaning from £23/h
Deep Cleaning £22/h

John’s Cleaning Services Notting Hill W11

You should know that each of the services we offer is performed by a certified technician and we take pride in our company. We are really professional and we understand your needs.

Additional details:

  • We operate Mondays through Sundays
  • Our local cleaning services span across Notting Hill W1
  • Our prices are affordable
  • We have a flexible schedule

Professional Cleaners Notting Hill W11

John's Cleaning Services Notting HillContinue reading to learn about our cleaning packages. There are several possibilities available here. To begin, we offer a housekeeping service. It is focused on common domestic activities such as dusting, dishwashing, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and so on. One of the things that distinguishes it from the rest of our services is that it is available on a regular basis.

Then, we also have sofa and carpet cleaning. What’s good about them is that they can be ordered separately or as part of our spring/deep cleaning service. We complete the service in your very home. Next, we also deliver oven cleaning, which – again – can be part of our spring/deep cleaning service.

Upholstery cleaning:

To restore the beautiful looks of your upholstery with our deep cleaning service. The cleaning experts will use high quality professional equipment to deep clean the fabric, remove stains and disinfect it. The colours will be restored and you will prolong the life of your upholstered furniture.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Excellence:

If you are moving out and have your hands full, leave the final cleaning of the property to us. We are familiar with all standards that need to be covered and will thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire property. Your landlord will be more than satisfied and you will surely receive your deposit back.

Regular Domestic Cleaning:

If you find it difficult to keep up with household cleaning, it is better to use our regular domestic cleaning service. We will personalise the duties to your specific needs and deploy a team as frequently as you desire (monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly services are available). Your house will be more beautiful than ever.

Window Cleaning:

Clean windows allow a lot more sunshine in the property and make it look a lot cleaner and brighter. We use high quality professional tools and products and ensure that your windows are spotless both inside and outside.

Carpet Cleaning:

The deep carpet cleaning service we offer is always performed with the use of professional equipment. It will leave your carpets cleaned, spotless, and disinfected. The best part of using professional cleaning services on a regular basis is that they will help keep your carpets in good condition and even prolong their life.

After Builders Cleaning:

If you had renovations done at home, you are probably left with a lot of dust, grime and stains. We offer professional after builders cleaning services that will leave your property immaculate, sparkling, disinfected and ready for your arrival.

Oven Cleaning:

Allow us to deep clean your oven both inside and out. With a clean appliance, your food will taste better and you will ensure that you and your family are enjoying a clean and healthy home.

Exclusive Bundles and Deals:

We offer custom cleaning services which can also be combined. In fact, you will receive a 10% discount on every additional service you decide to book. Combine more than one service to boost the cleanliness of your home – you will be impressed with the quality of the final results delivered by us.

We Provide The Following Cleaning Services in Notting Hill:

Furthermore, we have the end of tenancy cleaning. If you are too busy handling your house move, leave the final cleaning to us and we will work miracles. The service is guaranteed. And finally, we provide after builders cleaning services. If your home looks terrible after your renovation, it’s best to count on us for a good clean.

We believe our cleaning services in Notting Hill W11 and your preferences are a good match. If you want to schedule a service, please complete our enquiry form or give us a call. We will advise you on our services and provide you with a free quote.

Comprehensive Professional Cleaning Checklist: One Room at a Time

In order to maintain your property clean and organised at all times, you should perform a number of cleaning chores on a regular basis. However, this may be hard for a busy person. We work carefully, following detailed task lists. Here is what we will perform in each of the rooms of your house:


  • Countertops and other cooking areas will be degreased and disinfected.
  • The sink, its faucets and the area around it will be carefully scrubbed.
  • The stovetop, oven and other appliances will be cleaned externally.
  • Declutter and clean all cabinets, cupboards and drawers.
  • All rubbish will be collected and disposed of.
  • Thorough sweeping/vacuuming and mopping of the entire kitchen floor.


  • The countertop, along with the sink and its faucets will be scrubbed.
  • Cleaning and polishing of mirrors and other glass surfaces.
  • Clean and disinfect all bathroom fixtures (toilet, bathtub, etc.).
  • Shower cabin/walls will be scrubbed and all deposits will be removed.
  • Clean and disinfect all cupboards, drawers and the medicine cabinet.
  • Clean bathroom accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc.).
  • Vacuum clean and thoroughly mop the entire floor.
  • Unclogging the drain if needed.


  • Furniture and all high surfaces will be wiped down, dusted and polished.
  • The bed will be made and new bed linen will be placed.
  • Vacuum cleaning of the mattress, upholstery and carpets.
  • Mirrors and glass surfaces will be cleaned and polished.
  • Cobwebs will be removed from corners and ceilings.
  • Remote controls, handles and light switches will be disinfected.

Living Room:

  • Furniture, high surfaces and other areas will be dusted and polished.
  • Vacuuming of all carpets and upholstery, including cushions.
  • Glass and wooden surfaces will be carefully polished.
  • All door knobs, remote controls, light switches, etc. will be disinfected.
  • Cobwebs and dust will be removed from all areas.

Dining Area:

  • Wipe down, dust and polish the dining table and chairs.
  • Wooden and glass surfaces will be wiped down and polished.
  • Vacuuming the carpets/hardwood floors.
  • Dust and cobweb removal.

Additional Areas:

  • Dusting and cleaning any shelves and office areas.
  • Windows, window frames and skirting boards will be wiped down and cleaned.
  • Carpets will be thoroughly vacuum cleaned.
  • Laundry room appliances and equipment will be cleaned.
  • Complete rubbish removal.

Keep in mind that the entire cleaning service you book will be tailored to your needs. You will be able to select the cleaning tasks that will take place as part of the service and place specific requests. Your home will be clean, welcoming and cosy. You will notice a significant change in the condition of the entire property. Do not waste any time and give us a call.